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Join us as Citrine takes comfort in Sola Salon's new location in New Berlin! 
15343 W National Ave.
New Berlin, WI 53141
We've also ADDED A STUDIO, so that we can have more availability for you! We are now located in Studio 22 (Kate) and Studio 24 (Karen) inside of Sola and are now open on most days of the week! 

We can NOT  WAIT to see you there!

intments Required.  




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Cavitation RF body treatment and contemporary medicine for health beauty improvement and f


New Spring Facial!
BT AquaFuse Blue Dermaplaning Facial
80 Mins $165

For those of you who know and love the BT Titan MN Facial, this new facial highlights 2 brand new products from the same maker of the BT Titan, Bio Therapeutics. If you don't know about the BT Titan Facial, check it out on this website under the "SKIN" page! Our New Skin Treatment is called the BT Aquafuse Blue Dermaplaning Facial because of the beautiful botanical blue color featured throughout this treatment.


After removing peach fuzz and dulling superficial skin by Dermaplaning, the first exciting new product used in this treatment is Aquafuse Tech Peel. This peel provides dramatic skin smoothing without over stripping the skin by combining a wide spectrum trio of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids in a truly unique foaming format. This unique AHA/BHA blend targets fine lines, redness, acne and uneven tone and texture. There’s also Lycopene rich tomato lipids, turmeric and lavender help to promote a brighter complexion while calming the skin and scavenging free radicals, leaving the skin looking silky, smooth and illuminated. 


And if you’re wondering, the bright blue, beautiful color in this foamy delight comes from antioxidant powered Gardenia Extract which loads the skin with more strength.


The other new, blue and wonderful part of this treatment, hot off the BT Technology press, is the Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque! This peptide supercharged, copper infused gel sheet masque helps to rapidly cool the skin, while delivering critical nourishment and repair. Supercharged hyaluronic acid combines with a three peptide complex to support skin health and resilience, while reducing the signs of premature skin aging. Skullcap, gotu kola, peony root and licorice, all used for centuries in traditional remedies, help to soothe and calm the skin. We further customize this masque by adding powerful serums underneath to yield even greater results for you.


This super relaxing treatment is also loaded with massage and relaxation to nourish the over worked soul.  Try it, I promise you'll love it! 


Featured Treatment


Oxy-geneo super facial
80 mins $200

Say Hello to your skin's new best friend! The OxyGeneo (Geneo for short) platform embraces a safe, proven and effective new technology to create a healthier, oxygen rich environment on skin. When we can increase oxygen levels on our skin, we can better absorb nutrients. Geneo creates a gentle, bubbly, tingly C02 rich environment allowing skin to better absorb targeted ingredients.


Scientifically, this chemical phenomenon is called the Bohr Effect and it allows for higher levels of CO2 to be brought to the surface of the skin, signaling the body to send oxygen rich blood to the affected area. This is what makes OxyGeneo innovative in skin rejuvenation and is the part that you can feel working on your skin while the tingly bubbles are bubbling (it feels really good!) The oxygen rich blood then flows to the surface of your skin, increasing circulation and allowing for better absorption of ingredients. This pain free and super relaxing treatment also helps flush stagnant lymph and toxins away from the surface of your skin creating an overall healthier version of the skin you walked in with.


After oxygenating skin,  Ultrasound is used to localize an increase in blood flow and also firms and infuses product deeply into your skin. Then Neo-Massage begins, this facial massage helps to promote skin health and tones muscles. It takes down inflammation and redness and increases the release of our bodies own bio chemical energy, Adenosine Triphosphate.

And finally, the last part of this tech heavy skin treatment is Radio Frequency. RF uses heat to energize and stimulate the deeper layers of skin to promote collagen creation. The best part of Radio Frequency is that it gets better and better the weeks following your skin treatment. Old collagen is strengthened, new collagen is formed, helping to lift and tighten your face.

Each Geneo facial is customized to your skin by using ingredient specific oxy-pods designed to drive ingredients deep into the newly oxygenated skin. So whether you are Dry, Oily, Combo, Sensitive or wanting to Age Gracefully, there's a Geneo treatment for you! 

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Geneo Results

In just one treatment skin is smooth, hydrated and bright..


Ready for your best skin ever? Try your OxyGeneo Facial Today!  


with Package Pricing on OxyGeneo

Package rates

80 minute OxyGeneo 

Original Price: $200 each

Package Price For 3: $180 each (save $60 total)

Package Price For 6: $170 each (save$180 total) 

*Facials must be booked with no more than 8 weeks between each treatment or package pricing discount is forfeited.


30 minute OxyGeneo

Original Price: $150 each

Package Price For 3: $140 each (save $30 total)

Package Price For 6: $135 each (save $90 total)

*Facials must be booked with no more than 8 weeks between each treatment or package pricing discount is forfeited.


When booking a package treatment online, book your treatment as usual, there’s no special code for package pricing, this is determined at the beginning of your treatment, upon arrival :)

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If you want the ultimate luxxe experience and a esthetician who is a QUEEN and knows her stuff, then you better book NOW. This girl pours her soul into your experience with her. I’m obsessed with my facials, products, waxing, etc. My skin has been transformed. We are working our way towards fading my previous adult acne. I look forward to my visit with her every. Singe. Time. Karen is the sweetest and really does the best best job.

I can’t recommend Citrine Skin Spa enough! Karen is incredible, and the oasis she has created is warm, inviting and serene. I checked my work stress at the door and enjoyed the most incredible facial in my life. She knows her stuff, and I never leave facials with a red face. My skin is soft, supple and super hydrated. She really focuses on skin concerns and tailors the facial to combat them. She uses all Dermalogica products, which I love as well! Next I’m going to go for the lash service and brow wax! Making an appointment is super convenient on her website as well. Seriously - make an appointment NOW!

Elle E

Stephanie M

OMGGGGGG I JUST HAD A DREAM FACIAL!! I’ve traveled all over the freaking country and had facials almost everywhere that I’ve been to and Karen Burns is hands down THE BEST. I went night night the 2nd half of my facial. I am SO GRATEFUL FOR HER HANDS and talent and skill and attention to detail. She made facials feel like an art form. Thank you so much for getting my skin right after all this conscious/subconscious stress, from getting sick & traveling. I can’t even begin to start explaining what and how I felt in each phase of my facial but I got the “Signature Facial.”  I’m making an appointment for my son next!  Thank you SO SO MUCH Karen, my skin visually looks like it took a 360 turn in just a little over an hour! 

Pang V


Visit Us

15343 W National Ave

Studio 24

New Berlin, WI 53151  /  Tel: 262.264.8841

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Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

 Wednesday: 10am - 5pm 

Thursday: 10am - 5pm  

 Friday: 9am - 5pm 

Every other Saturday: 9am - 3pm 

 Sunday: 12pm - 6pm w/Kate

Monday: 10am - 6pm w/Kate

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