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bt titan mn microexfoliation and nano infusion facial

75 mins $120

Yes, that's a mouthful! But don't worry, Microexfoliation and Nano Infusion Technology offers exceptionally effective and advanced results starting in just one treatment! BT Titan MN offers a highly controlled and precise facial that is adapted to your exact skin needs immediately improving texture, tone and plumping skin with hydration. Unlike more invasive procedures, this quick application not only delivers marked results, but leaves no down time allowing you to get back to life. Ideal for most skin types.

How does it work?

Using an automated pen and a sterile, one time use cartridge of nano pyramids, (see pic) the BT Titan gently and painlessly glides over the surface of your skin that's been treated with a customized serum removing dulling surface debris and infusing nutrients simultaneously. Whether you're looking to minimize fine lines with peptides and hyaluronic acid or trying to fight acne with niacinamide and phytoactives, or anything in between, this treatment is for you. 

The dots on this cartridge are Nano Pyramids (microscopic needles) and they make the magic happen. 

Real results from just one treatment. We focused on hydration infusion and breakout management. 



In just one treatment we smoothed, infused hydration and brightened. Notice the forehead, undereye and nasolabial improvement.



Ready for your best skin ever? Try your BT Titan MN Microexfoliation and Nano Infusion Facial Today!  

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COVID-19 Best Practices

 These steps are being taken on top of state and local guidelines during each working shift to ensure your safety and well being so that when you get to the spa, you can focus on relaxation and skin health. The way it should be ♥
1. You'll be sent a COVID-19 Pre-screening questionnaire via text to complete the morning of your appointment. 
2. Employees will be fever free and stay home if feeling unwell in any way. I kindly ask you do the same if you're unwell.
3. If you're part of a high risk or vulnerable group, it's suggested we wait a few weeks to complete your service.
4. Please wear a mask or face covering to protect yourself while coming into and leaving the building. I will wear one as well. Your mask may be removed if we're doing a skin treatment once inside Citrine.
5.Please wait in your car and text (262) 264-8841 upon arrival. Once ok'd to enter, please buzz in using the intercom system on the wall inside the waiting room. Punch in the number 306 + green button. Please sanitize hands after using the intercom system with the sanitizer in the lobby. 
6. Upon entry to the Spa, both you and I will sanitize hands. I will wash my hands before touching you, after touching tools and equipment and after touching you.
7. Please try to avoid bringing a purse. It's not a requirement, but it is suggested. This will minimize bacterial spread. 
8. All professional use tools, product and equipment will be sanitized before and after every use. Tools and non disposable implements will be sterilized in Barbecide after each use.
9. Clean sheets and towels will be provided for every service as usual. 
10. All high touch areas and equipment will be sanitized at least hourly.
Your health is serious to me. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's get back in touch! 



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