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Skin Treatments at Citrine will take you on a journey through skin health and settle you into a state of deep relaxation. Services here are uniqely designed to be more than just a facial - they’re an experience. Every single treatment is specially crafted to your unique skin concerns. You’ll go home with an arsenal of information and tools that will help navigate you to your best skin ever. 




If you're unsure where to begin, choose Ultimate Signature Facial. It's the perfect place to start and allows for maximum relaxation, customization, education and incredible results! From there, we create a treatment plan to further improve skin health with additional, more advanced skin treatments

First Time Clients, Please read the FAQ page for useful tips

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jet plasma Treatment 

90 MINS $250

 Meet Jet Plasma - The most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art, Pain Free, Trauma Free, Downtime Free rejuvenating Plasma Pen that treats skin deep within, remodeling and repairing your cellular structure from the inside out, empowering you to embrace your best self yet! Results last between TWO TO FIVE YEARS after you complete your series! Lift, Tighten, Tone, Smooth, Brighten, Heal. Good for treating Acne and minimizing Acne Scarring. 

*A Series between 2 and 8 Jet Sessions is required! Initial Jet Treatment comes with a Free Facial ($165 value)  A Series of 7 or 8 comes with a second FREE FACIAL (to be completed at the last session of your series ($330 Value!)) Package size determination and scheduling of all treatments are required to take place during your initial Jet Plasma Treatment. Your initial Jet Plasma Treatment will take 90  minutes because it comes with a free custom facial. Your subsequent Jet Treatments will be completed, in under 45 minutes making it an easier commitment and perfect for lunch breaks! 

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luminfusion super treatment

90 MINS $200

Where results and relaxation get serious. Take luminosity to the entire next level with this supercharged, results oriented skin treatment! LuminFusion's TRIPLE technology implements a unique approach with Exfoliation Stacking, Nanoinfusion Technology (BT Titan for those of you who love it) and LED Light Therapy to yield results not typical of a single treatment. This treatment brightens skin from the inside out and melts away tension and stress with head, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, calf and foot massage. Serious results, serious head to toe relaxation. *This treatment WILL increase your photosensitivity (sensitivity to the sun) for 5 to 10 days - a responsible homecare and SPF regimen is required. This advanced treatment is not suggested  for first time clients. 

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 BT Aquafuse blue dermaplaning facial

80 MINS $175

Perfect for skin that struggles  with seasonal changes. Dermaplaning is done to remove stubborn peach fuzz and unwanted dullness. Then we smooth, repair and strengthen skin with Gardenia powered AHA/ BHA botanical Aquafuse Peel. Replenish lipids and critical hydration with the fully customizable Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque.

This treatment is designed with wellness in mind so know there's a ton of stress melting relaxation and massage. 


*Pro Tip: When booking, add Radio Frequency to tighten and lift for only $30



Oxygeneo super facial

80 MINS $200

It's not called super facial for nothing! This healthy, oxygen increasing skin loving facial takes your skin from dull to dang! Oxygenation, Ultrasound, NeoMassage, Radio Frequency AND massage round out this facial of the future! Check out the information under the "specials"  tab for more info and photos! 

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BT Titan MN (MIcroexfoliation and nano infusion) facial

80 MINS $175

Microexfoliation and Nano Infusion Technology offers exceptionally effective and advanced results starting in just one treatment. BT Titan MN offers a highly controlled and precise facial that is adapted to your exact skin needs immediately relieving fine lines, improving texture, tone and plumping skin with hydration. Unlike more invasive procedures, this quick application not only delivers marked results, but leaves no down time allowing you to get back to life. This facial is loaded with relaxation and results and is ideal for most skin types.


Add Radio Frequency Skin Tightening for  only $25!


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Ultimate Led facial

80MINS $175

Energy delivered by the Celluma Pro LED has been shown to enhance cell metabolism, accelerate repair and replenishment of damaged cells as well as stimulate production of collagen. This treatment helps firm and restore resilience, increase lymphatic system activity and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and acne. Drift off to your favorite place in the world while relaxing under the LED panel and while you do, enjoy 30 full minutes of revitalizing massage. This facial is tailored to your specific skin conditions and completely customized. Hand selected cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masking and includes the use of Ultrasonic Therapy, Galvanic Current or High Frequency depending on your skin's needs. 

Ultimate Signature FAcial

80 MINS $175

The Ultimate skin treatment featuring fully customized cleansing, powerful exfoliation, extractions, masking and specialized treatment products, hand selected to target any condition. Stress Melting relaxation includes head, neck, shoulder, arm and foot massage This extensive treatment takes you on a journey to your healthiest skin. 




80 MINS $175

Did somebody say smooth? Way more than shaving. This amazing service removes peach fuzz, layers of dead skin and brightens up your complexion in minutes. Dead skin and hair is removed by gliding a surgical blade across skin. Features fully customized steam powered double cleanse, extractions, dermaplaning, masque infusion and lots of massage.




80 MINS $175

Ready to take exfoliation to the next level? Using vacuum suction and a diamond encrusted hand piece, dulling surface cells are gently polished away, resulting in a soft focus, ultra smooth and bright finish to the skin. Minimizes fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and uneven tone and texture. Plus lots of mind melting massage.

pro Bright Vitamin c facial

80 MINS $175

High-intensity, 3-step skin treatment that boosts absorption of brightening actives Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol into the skin – addressing dark spots and reducing uneven pigmentation to reveal brighter skin.

Dermalogica pro power peel

60 MINS $150

You've never had a peel like this before! The most advanced treatment. Powerful customization professionally tailored to treat your unique concerns. Chemical peels are one of the most effective ways to address fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and acne. Dermalogica's strongest and fastest yet. **Series of 3 to 6 recommended for optimal results. 


30 MINS $80

Pressed for time? This treatment is perfect for you. Whatever you need - extractions, exfoliation or hydration. Get back to your busy life in a snap!

signature back facial

60 MINS $160

Backs need lovin' too! Is your back congested? Maybe you have a vacation or a wedding coming up? This customized relaxing treatment is sure to get your back healthy and balanced. 


45 MINS $70

Whether your child is struggling with hormonal acne or you'd like them to learn the importance of daily skin health - this one's for them! A customized treatment that focuses on education. 

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express facial menu

45 MINS $135

Can't find the time for a full service skin treatment but still want ALL of the results that come with one?  Now you can! Choose your favorite technology and flow from door-to-door in under one hour flat, no changing required! These full-protocol face and neck treatments  come with tons of stress melting head massage, facial massage, pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage, reducing toxins, tensions and lines. 

Choose From:

Custom Signature Express 


BT Titan Nano Infusion Express

Dermaplane Express


LED Express



Hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy, treat

BT Titan mn 

eye and Lip


30 MINS $50


Instantly plump, hydrate and say goodbye to fine dehydration lines.  NanoInfusion is one of the few treatments approved for use around the delicate eye and lip area. You've never had a treatment like this before!

*no need to add this if you're booking the BT Titan Facial, eye and lip are already included. 

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microcurrent lift

15 MINS $30

This facial technology instantly lifts, tones and contours facial muscle. Microcurrent is a low level current that mimics our bodies own energy system creating an instant visible lift! A workout for your face - sweat and pain free! 


Pro Power Eye Peel

15 MINS $30

This Eye Treatment harnesses nature and technology to smooth, brighten, lift and tone. Unique bamboo undereye patches are super saturated in polysaccharides, phospholipids and AHA's derived from grapes, lemon, orange and sugar maple. Lift the brows, strengthen muscle and deeply infuse antioxidant cocktails using the PureLift Pro Plus. 

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radio frequency skin tightening

20 MINS $30

Lift and tighten skin using gentle heat that stimulates collagen and instantly tones skin. Works immediately and over time as your skin builds collagen

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