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Facial FAQ

Every spa is a little bit different. Citrine is a one-on-one skin wellness studio that is designed with trust and comfortability in mind. Here's the things we think you should know.

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Which Facial should I start with?

The answer to this is more simple than you may think. We know there's a lot of treatment options to choose from and this can seem overwhelming when looking at the service menu. Because there are so many options, we think it's best to start with the well rounded, customized and stress-meltingly relaxing, Ultimate Signature Facial. This fully customized skin treatment covers all bases and allows us to get our hands and eyes on your skin which also allows for a proper skin analysis and lets us delve deeper into your current skin conditions and concerns.  This way we have the time to learn about the type of skin you have and what would be best suited for it for future skin treatments. This also allows us to talk about your skin care goals so we can create a unique treatment plan, just for you, so you can get closer to your healthy skin goals. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, Ultimate Signature Facial is the best option as well.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced spa-goer or facial enthusiast but this is your first time to Citrine and you see a skin treatment you'd like to try, Go For It! Let's do it, there's no rules here! If it turns out to be a treatment not suited for you, we'll be sure to let you know during our consultation at the beginning of your service and replace it with the perfect fit for you.

Is There Down Time? / What Do I Do After?

  • Most skin treatments at Citrine require minimal to no down time.  In the 24 hours immediately following a skin treatment you'll want to avoid direct sun exposure and avoid super strenuous activity that would increase circulation and  produce sweat.  Avoiding all types of exfoliation,  meaning no scrubs, acids or enzymes for 5 to 7 days following your treatment will allow your skin ample time to rebuild from the professional exfoliation that we did in the treatment room. 

  • Consider avoiding makeup immediately following your facial, it's best to let skin breathe. However, if you do need to put makeup on, it shouldn't affect anything and will sit beautifully and look amazing on your face. We ALWAYS provide dermal layering, including SPF after each skin treatment so that you'll be set and protected for the rest of your day.  If you can, try to be sure you're using clean makeup and brushes to avoid any bacterial inflammation such as acne, or worse. And make sure to do a gentle cleanse and moisturizer before bed. 

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Keep that new complexion good and moisturized! Doing this will extend your results. Drinking extra water will also benefit the look of your skin, keeping it more plump, radiant and younger looking. Win Win!

  • Use SPF every single day, rain, shine, snow, sleet, when you see pigs flying -  Or Else.


Should I Arrive Early For My First Appt?

No need, consultation time is included in your booking.

What Do I Wear and Is It OK To Show Up In Makeup?

  • As that old Nirvana song  goes, come as you are. If you do happen to have the choice, lounge wear is preferable, because why not be comfortable? This is wellness after all.

  • Depending on the type of metal , massage oil has been known to be unkind to jewelry. For the ride-or-die pieces that you don't ever leave at home, we'll have a tray for you to use.

  • If you can't come clean faced, no worries. However, please note that eye makeup removal usually does eat into your treatment time (if you request it to be removed,) so arriving clean eyed is best. Waterproof mascara is not recommended because it will have to stay on and be removed by you - later. Face makeup like foundation, concealer, powders, blush and bronzer does not affect timing  since double cleansing is done for every treatment and is much easier to take off.  

  • Contacts- If you have sensitive eyes, it's probably best to arrive in glasses or bring a case for your lenses.

Should I Be Talking Throughout A Facial?

While conversation is always up to you, know that you will get much more out of your experience if we do a little bit less of it. This is recommended out of respect for you, your money, your time and your wellness. You WILL get better results if your skin therapist can focus on the task at hand during your service. Everything we do is customized to your skin, that day, there's no predetermined protocol, we're working on-the-fly to get you the best results possible.  The quality and value of your experience literally means everything, so prepare to completely let go for the hour and a half of tranquility you've given yourself -  it's so rare!  Distractions like phones and watches can also be silenced for an enhanced wellness experience. 

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Please consider giving 72 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling appointments. Cancellations that happen in less than 24 hours of your appointment are to be paid in full out of respect for the time you reserved when you booked your appointment. Last minute cancellations often go unfilled. Thank you for your respect and understanding in this policy. 

You're In A Studio, So How Do I Let You Know I'm Here For My Appointment And How Do I Find You? 

 If you're on the schedule, we'll be expecting you! Although not required, feel free to text the spa at to let us know you're here: Karen (262) 264-8841 Studio 24,  Kate (262) 278-9222 Studio 22. If the studio door is closed, we're either in service or making last minute preparations for you. Please feel free to take a seat in the hallway for a moment and begin your decompressing process. Your service will begin shortly!  To find us, when you enter Sola Salons, take your initial left, once you round the corner, you'll see Studio 22 (Kate)  on your left.  On the right, you'll see a black "Welcome To The Spa" sign on the wall, go through those doors and Studio 24 (Karen) will be your first door on the left. 

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