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Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency

It's time to conquer your most diet resistant problem areas and permanently remove 1 to 2 inches in fat and tighten skin with no down time - no pain, in as little as one 30 minute treatment. Yes- it really works!  But how does it work? Ultrasound Cavitation also known as Ultrasonic Lipolysis  works to remove the most stubborn fat deposits under our skin. It produces waves of  low frequency that pressurizes the fat cell membranes. As the pressure increases, our fat cells can't withstand this pressure so they transform into a liquid.  In this new liquid state, our body naturally metabolizes and processes the fat for permanent removal, mainly through urination, over the next 3 to 5 days.  This scientific phenomenon safely targets only the fat cells while leaving all other tissues in tact.  Along side this incredible technology, Radio Frequency is simultaneously applied to boost results, firm tighten and lift. Multi-Polar Radio Frequency produces a comfortable, relaxing heat under the skin’s surface. Through this warming, the natural production of collagen and elastin is started. The proven result of combining these two technologies is tighter, smoother skin with less cellulite, less noticeable stretch marks and less fat.

The doctor does the Rf lifting procedure

Treatment Length

30 to 60 Minutes

once every 3 days max frequency. One area treated per session.


None! Some temporary pinkness at treatment area. Even sensitive skin types can get this treatment. Get back to your day immediately! 

What Areas?

Treatable areas include the upper arms, abdomen, love handles, butt, and thighs. 

Day Of...

Try to skip caffeine the morning of your treatment. Drink plenty of water before and at least 2 liters for the remainder of the day. Increase water intake for 3 days. Caffeine can resume post treatment. Eat light, a heavy meal may make you feel uncomfortable.

How many?

To achieve your best results, a series is very strongly suggested. As little as 3 or up to 12 treatments per area depending on the person and desired results. 

Best Results

Try to get in 30 to 60 mins of exercise and healthy eating the entire week of your treatment. Healthy fats, lots of greens, lower carbs, no booze and water. Lots of water. This helps speed elimination of fat and toxins from your treatment.

The Facts

cavi breakdown.JPG


There are some very important factors to consider before considering this treatment. The very nature of this service requires the use of our bodies and our metabolic system to remove stubborn fat. To ensure this process goes smoothly and effectively, overall health is required. Prior to each service a comprehensive health screening will be conducted to ensure you are the safest candidate for this fat loss journey. 

Contraindications for this service include but are not limited to:

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding

  • Heart or lung conditions

  • Hypoproteinemia or hyperproteinemia (high or low levels of protein in the blood)

  • Sufferers of physiological hypotonic (lacking in muscle tone/muscle or tissue wastage)

  • Cardiovascular or cerebral diseases (issues with blood flow to heart or brain)

  • Immune system disease (including AIDS or HIV) or Urticaria

  • Raynaud’s disease or other vaso constrictive disorders

  • Persons with metal plates or joint implants (in the treatment area)

  • Sites of prior cosmetic surgery (area specific only)

  • Pregnancy & immediately following birth (3 months’ natural birth, 12 months C-Section)

  • Thrombosis, or taking an anticoagulant

  • Epilepsy

  • Cancer

  • High cholesterol

  • Umbilical hernias, hernias or weak stomach muscle walls (past or present – abdominal treatments only)

  • Severe diabetes

  • Post invasive surgery (in the treatment area – wait at least 12 months and avoid any scar)

  • Artificial implants, bone, (in the treatment area)

Health conditions that require medical signed consent:

  • Hemophiliac's or hemorrhagic disorders

  • Certain immune disorders

  • Persons who have donated or received organ transplants

  • Scarring history, fibrosis or seborrhea

  • Hyper or Hypotension (High or Low Blood Pressure)

  • Severe skin disorders

  • After recovery from cancer, must have been off medication for 12 months and have doctor approval prior to treatment.


Is this treatment safe? Yes. A resounding Yes. It's approved by the FDA and carries minimal risk for any undesired effects.

3 Sessions...

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